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Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Cleaning / Housekeeping Products ,Waterproofing & Construction Chemicals ,Textile Auxilliaries etc. Established In 1990 Presently Supplying to Many Of The Industrial Units, Institutional & Service Sectors. FOLLOWING ARE THE PRODUCTS : CONSTRUCTION & WATERPROOFING CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS I. WATER PROOFING CHEMICALS (FOR USE IN MATRIX) 1) Super Bond Liquid 2) Super Bond Powder II. FOR REPAIR WORK, CLEANING & MAINTENANCE WORK 1) Aqua Proof Liquid 2) Aqua Proof Powder III. HYDROCHLORIC ACID IV. BLEACHING POWDER AQUAPROOF WATER PROOFING OF CIVIL STRUCTURE Leakages And Seepages In Building Due To Rain Water Are Very Common Occurances In Societies, Bungalows, Commercial Complexes,Etc.This Problem If Not Solved On Urgent Basis Can Give Rise To Many Problems Like Paint Peel Off, Fungus Growth, Foul Smell, Plaster Collapse,Corrosion Of Iron Bar And Weakening Of Structure Over A Period Of Time, We Have Developed A Very Effective Economical, Easy To Use Product Mix To Prevent And Repair The Above Problems For A Period Of Few Years. WEATHER SHIELD PRIMER We Have Developed A Primer For New Civil Structure To Be Applied On The Plastered Walls & Concrete Structure. This Primer Offers Many Advantages Over Conventional White Wash/Primer, They Are As Under. INDUSTRIAL & INSTITUTIONAL CLEANERS PREMIUM PALM CARE CONCENTRATED HEAVY DUTY HANDWASH FOR OILY & GREASY PALMS Employees In Industries During Working Hours Are Handling Oil, Grease And Other Similar Substances.The Dust Particles And Other Like Substances Get Stuck To The Oily And Greasy Palms.Keeping In Hygienic Requirements We Have Developed PREMIUM PALM CARE PREMIUM PALM CARE Is a Soft And Mildly Perfumes Liquid Soap Most Suited For Oily & Greasy Palms.PREMIUM PALM CARE Is An Essential Product To Keep The Hands Free From Oil, Grease, Dirt, Dust, Etc. PREMIUM PALM CARE Is Very User Friendly.It Does Not Cause Any Harm To The User.It Does Not Contain Any Harmful Ingredients.It Is Very Economical And Hygienic. SUPREME CLEAN CONCENTRATED HEAVY DUTY CLEANER FOR OILY & GREASY SURFACE In Industries , Workshops , Institutions-Equipments, Machinery Are Exposed To Greases, Oils, Abrasives, & Other Similar Substances, Which Accumulates During The Course Of Their Operation.Other Products From The Surroundings Add Up To This Accumulation. This Makes The Work Environment Highly Unhygienic And Accident Prone.This Also Affects The Efficiency Of The Equipment And Machinery As Their Operations May Be Slowed Down.The Efficiency Of The Workmen Is Also Affected. Keeping In View The Requirement Of The Industry We Have Developed Heavy Duty Cleaner For Oily And Greasy Surfaces (SUPREME CLEAN). Our SUPREME CLEAN Is Ultimate Solution To The Problem Of Oil And Grease Accumulation, And Can Be Removed Conveniently And Regularly Without Much Hazels. Our SUPREME CLEAN Is Manufactured From Eco-Friendly Ingredients And Premium Surfactants And Preservatives. Hence It Does Not Cause Any Damage To The Machinery Or Equipments And Does Not Cause Skin Irritation Or Discomfort To The Employees Using The Product. SUPERFLOOR CONCENTRATED HEAVY DUTY FLOOR CLEANER CUM DEODORANT We At OMEGA INDUSTRIES, Have Developed Novel Solutions To The Problem Of Floor Cleaning.We Offer Concentrated And Machine Compatible Floor Cleaners.We Have Wide Range Of Floor Cleaners Which Are Specially Manufactured To Suit These Range Of Products Provides Effective Cleaning And Deodorization,It Also Have Disinfectant And Germicidal Properties.They Add Shine To Floor Leaving It Fragrant. DISH WASHING LIQUID SOAP CONCENTRATED LIQUID DETERGENT OMEGA INDUSTRIES Is A Prominent Name Among The Supreme Dish Washing Liquid Manufactures And Suppliers,Based In India.We Prepare Dish Washing Liquid From Harmless Chemical Ingredients Like Premium Grade Surfactants,Colour And Preservatives.Our Dish Washing Liquid Is Highly Effective Against Any Kind Of Stains Of Oil And Other Food Particles.It Removes Them With Minimum Efforts Givng Vessels A New Shine. LIQUID HAND WASH SOAP CONCENTRATED LIQUID HAND WASH SOAP We Manufacture And Supply Standard Quality Of Liquid Hand Wash Soaps That Is Produced From Safe Chemicals And Natural Non-Edible Oils.Liquid Soaps Are Gentle On Skin But Tough On Germs, They Have Good Cleaning Property And Are Also Effctive On Hard Water.Liquid Hand Wash Soaps Are Available In Pleasing Fragrance, Colour And Presevatives. CLEANERS FOR FOOD INDUSTRIES LIQUID CLEANERS FOR FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES We Are Pleased To Introduce Ourself As Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Liquid Cleaners Perfectly Suitable For FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES Which Has No Added Perfume/Fragrance Or Harmful Additives.The Products Are Concentrated,Eco-Friendly,User-Friendly And Safe For The Articles.The Products Have Effective Cleaning Properties And Does Not Lea

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